Bartender training


The goal of this 6 to 8 week course is to prepare you for a real job in hospitality. This can mean a job working in a hotel, behind a bar, in a café, catering etc. The training will not just focus on teaching you how to make cocktails. We will also help you to land an actual job by providing courses in job application skills. Think about subjects such as: How you should present yourself, what kind of questions can you can expect during an interview, what answers you should avoid and how to write a motivation letter and resume. Apart from this we aim to have a good time and try to get to know you better, so we can help you find a great match at a new employer!

The purpose of this course is to help those in need to find a job working in hospitality. Working in hospitality means working in irregular hours, evenings and weekends shifts.

Please do not apply if you have no intention of working during these hours or in the hospitality sector. Spaces are limited, which means you would take the opportunity away from those people who can really use this course to build a better future.

Dates: The training will start at the 7th of May, the timespan of the days which the course and follow up meetings are planned will be around 4-5 weeks. All meetings are mandatory, afterwards you have to be available for job applications and a , of course, a job. This program is set up for Ukrainian refugees and Dutch inhabitants with a Wajong, indicatie banenafspraak ZW or WIA status.

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This four week fulltime course will take place from 7 May - 6 July between office hours.
Course days will last approximately 7 hours and will be from Monday untill Friday.
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